Monday, October 8, 2007

Nothing happens by chance

Nothing ever happens by chance. there is a meaning to everything that takes place.We can decode the meaning if we understand the Grammer of non-linear languages.Western thought process (a legacy of Aristotle ,Socrates and Plato) has linierised our thinking process and taught us only the grammer which follows linear priciples . This grammer is based on the visible world of cause and effect and is controlled by linear logic.

The Eastern spiritual metaphor which emnates from Indian thinking is that micro and macro are interrelated. This linkage occurs not in a linear world but in a complex world of symbols, patterns and metaphors.There was a science in the indian lore which interpreted events and their meanings.There is a divination process and a school founded based on the position of planets when a question is asked(prashna tantra) .Astrology as a science is based on the principle of symbols and their meanings and correlation between the micro and the macro

To study this more deeply,experiential learning (which gives us anchorages on Associative Non linear logic,Pattern decoding on the basis of cultural implants in the mind,Symbols and the effect on the psyche ,Language of feelings and sensations,Language and meaning of nature and its indicatiors,Inter relatedness of events, feelings and the psyche,The language of sound etc)is a must. Many eastern self developmental processess (like yog)or based on this. Indian Mythology states that Hanuman the great scholor was an expert in nine such grammers for nine different languages, but only the linear form has become popular and got embedded in the thoughts of individuals and collective conscious of human beings..